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At Callahan & Hockemeyer, we help clients in Palatine and the surrounding communities avoid damaging criminal records, steep fines and penalties, and jail or prison time when they are charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes.

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Are Criminal Charges Jeopardizing Your Future?

Criminal charges are not to be taken lightly. Whether you are facing minor misdemeanor or serious felony charges, a conviction can hinder your ability to obtain or maintain a job, interfere with your housing options, drain your bank account, and destroy your good standing in the community. More serious convictions can take away your freedom, your professional license, and your future.

With so much at stake, it’s imperative that you hire an experienced misdemeanor & felony defense attorney who will recognize weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, negotiate lesser charges or an alternative sentence, and defend you in court if necessary.

What a Misdemeanor Conviction Could Mean for You

It is a common misconception that misdemeanor charges will have little impact on your future. While a conviction for a petty misdemeanor does not carry the potential for jail time, you could still face substantial fines and other consequences (like traffic school or substance abuse treatment) that could substantially impact your life.

The penalties for more serious misdemeanor crimes can include even steeper fines and incarceration of up to one year. Depending on the charge, a misdemeanor conviction could also interfere with your career, insurance rates, professional license, and your reputation.

Crimes that Are Often Charged as Misdemeanors in Illinois

Crimes that are generally charged as misdemeanors in Illinois include:

  • Traffic violations
  • Marijuana possession (over 30 grams of cannabis flower or more than 5 grams of cannabis concentrate)
  • Petty theft/shoplifting
  • Some first-time DUIs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Domestic battery

There are three classifications of misdemeanor crimes in Illinois. The penalties that are imposed upon conviction depends on the way in which a crime is classified.

Class A Misdemeanor

Class A misdemeanors are the most serious and carry the most severe penalties. If you’re convicted, you could face fines of up to $2,500 and up to one year behind bars.

Class B Misdemeanor

If you are convicted of a Class B misdemeanor, you may be looking at up to $2,000 in fines and a maximum of six months in jail.

Class C Misdemeanor

A Class C Misdemeanor conviction, while less serious of the three, can still result in up to 30 days in jail and a maximum of $1,500 in fines.

How a Felony Conviction Could Impact Your Life

Felonies are generally more serious crimes than misdemeanors. As such, felony charges carry much stiffer penalties that have the potential to impact all aspects of your life. In Illinois, some misdemeanor crimes can transform into felonies when previous convictions, special circumstances, extreme injury or property damage, or substantial sums of money are involved.

A felony conviction can have serious consequences even when jail or prison time is not imposed. You could lose your right to drive, to possess a gun, or even to vote. You could get fired from your job or no longer qualify for certain types of employment. Landlords may refuse to rent to you. And you may no longer be eligible for certain types of benefits.

Crimes that Are Generally Charged as Felonies in Illinois

The following types of crimes are generally charged as felonies in Illinois.

  • Murder
  • Reckless Homicide
  • Repeat DUIs
  • Repeat Driving While License Revoked
  • Burglary
  • Weapons Charges
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Repeat Domestic Battery

The criminal defense lawyers at Callahan & Hockemeyer have extensive trial experience to defend you against even the most serious or complicated felony charges.

There are five classifications of felonies in Illinois. Like misdemeanors, the penalties that are imposed if you are convicted of a felony depend on the way your charges are classified.

Class X Felony

Class X felony is the most serious of all felony classifications. If you are convicted of a Class X felony, you could face from six to 30 years in prison. For an extended term Class X felony, you could spend up to 60 years behind bars.

Class 1 Felony

If you are convicted of a Class 1 felony, you could spend from four to 15 years incarcerated. Your prison term could increase to 30 years if you receive an extended term Class 1 felony sentence.

Class 2 Felony

A Class 2 felony carries a prison term of  three to seven years, and up to 14 years for an extended term.

Class 3 Felony

Class 3 felony convictions are punishable by two to five years in prison with extended terms of up to ten years.

Class 4 Felony

For Class 4 felonies, prison terms of between one and three years are imposed. Extended terms can land you behind bars for up to six years.

In addition to incarceration, fines of up to $25,000 can be imposed regardless of felony classification.

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