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If you are a mother or father struggling to establish paternity in Illinois, our family law attorneys can help you understand and enforce your rights as a parent. With more than one-third of American children born out of wedlock, parentage disputes are bound to arise. We can help you achieve a resolution.

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What Is Paternity?

Paternity (parentage) is the legal establishment of a relationship between a father and a child who is born to unwed parents. When children are born to unmarried parents in Illinois, paternity must be established to obtain child support, parenting time, or parental responsibility rights. Since every child has a right to physical, mental, emotional, and financial support from both parents, establishing paternity is key.

How to Establish Parentage in Illinois

When paternity is established in Illinois, the legal father of the child is determined. Sometimes, the legal father and the biological father are not the same man. In cases where the mother is married when the child is conceived or born, her husband is presumed to be the father. Additionally, if the mother married her husband after the child was born and his name is consensually on the child’s birth certificate, the man is presumed to be the father. There are generally three ways paternity is established in Illinois.

  • Both parents can complete and sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP). This form must be witnessed and filed with the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services.
  • Department of Health and Family Services  can enter an Administrative Paternity Order.
  • An Order of Paternity can be entered by the judge in court.

Need Help Establishing or Disproving Paternity?

You are not required to hire a lawyer to establish or disprove parentage in Illinois. The mother of the child, the child himself, or the man who believes he is the father of the child can file a petition to establish paternity on his or her own. And an alleged father can dispute paternity claims without an attorney. However, there are instances when legal representation is going to be in your best interest.

  • There is a dispute between the alleged father and the mother about who is the legal father
  • There is a dispute between two or more men about who is the legal father
  • There is a dispute about parenting time, parental responsibilities, and other parenting rights.

Establishing or disproving paternity can have a significant impact on your parenting rights and your financial future. Call our experienced family law attorneys to ensure your best interests are protected.

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